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The strengths of lamb

logo-macquet    Excellent quality proteins

The lamb is an exceptional meat that combines an unrivalled flavor to a perfect nutritional balance. Matured naturally, lamb meat has a big wealth in essential nutritional elements such as proteins and amino acids. But it is in the wealth of his pieces and their culinary qualities that lamb reveals its many facets.

logo-macquet    Well assimilated large amount of iron

The lamb meat consist of an excellent source of iron particularly well absorbed by the organism: the said iron "heme".

First advantage:
This iron, found mainly in red meat, is 4-5 times better absorbed by the organism than iron "non-heme" contained in most other foods.

Second advantage:
The meat improves the absorption of non-heme iron contained in foods served during the same meal. Iron is involved in vital mechanisms such as the transport of oxygen. It also helps to fight against tiredness. To cover the iron needs of the organism, so it is also important to regularly consume foods rich in iron well Related such as meat. The lamb is also characterized by significant contributions in zinc and vitamins, especially B12 and PP.

Source : CIV